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Agios Georgios tour by bus

It Agios Georgios is a patriarchal monastery at the desolate southwest coast of the island. The grandeur of Agios Georgios and the service it has rendered to the island is imprinted on our history. The natural beauty of the area, the clear atmosphere, the well-known hospitality of the family who support and maintain this one-time monastery, and the enjoyable swim at the nearby dreamlike beach of Helatros surpass the guests' expectations.
It is worth noting that the monastery's ten spare rooms are gladly at the guests' disposal should they wish to spend the night. To get there take the road alongside to dry Skylas riverbed to Arvanitochori, beyond which it crosses the river and continuous up to the mountainside after passing the little chapel of Agios Georgios Kountoualiotis. From this point it takes 2,5 hours walk to reach Agios Georgios Chadies. Here and there along the way, olive-, fig- and almond trees are to be seen behind stone walls, their only shelter from the strong winds. About the half way one comes to a fertile plain with the age-old name of Argos Georgios in which barley and wheat, olives and almonds are cultivated.
Forty five minutes before getting to Agios Georgios of Chadies there is a fork to the road straight ahead to the Bay of Chelatros and a chapel to the Virgin Mary on the south coast, and to the right it goes to Agios Georgios Chadies. In this windswept area the earth shines in all colours. A string of donkeys accompanied by a dog passed by farmers returning from their fields or sheepfolds. Agios Georgios is not to be seen from the road, lying as it does behind an outcrop and surrounding fields, and some olive- fig- and almond trees.
The establishing of the church goes back to the discovery of an icon of Agios Georgios. According the legend, in the year 1690 seven fishermen found an icon of Agios Georgios in the sea. They took this as a sign that a church had to be built for him, but agreement could not be found as to where. One wanted it built on a mountain peak, another wanted it rather along the coast and another in the depths of a ravine. Eventually St. George appeared to one of them, in a dream and said: '' Put the icon on a donkey and let it go where it will, and build a church where the donkey eventually stops''. And that was how it happened, the donkey stopped where the church is today.
There are countless legends about Agios Georgios of Chadies, and there is no Kassian young or old who does not have a tale to tell. The truth is that the icon of Agios Georgios is a miracle one and helps everyone requesting his help.







Here you can enjoy the absolute unique sensation of having a whole island completely for yourself.


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